Snowmobilers Rescue Moose from Tree well

April 3, 2020 ANIMALS VIDEOS


Two friends set off on a ride with a snowmobile, and soon came across a helpless animal that was trapped in snow. They quickly came to its aid and filmed the entire rescue scene on camera.

Mark Weir and his friend were out riding a snowmobile when they soon heard calls for help in the snow. A moose had fallen into a tree well, so they quickly went to the rescue.

The helpless animal was rescued with a help of shovel, so the moose could climb out of the tree well. The two guys had to be very careful when the animal was rescued, as moose are considered one of the most aggressive animals.

In the end, everything ended happily, and the moose stepped into new freedom. If Mark would not save the moose, it would most likely be trapped until a tragic fate.

The internet has been surrounded these days by a video captured in the west of Newfoundland, Canada.

Source: KlipLand,ViralHog

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