Chihuahua Who Can’t Walk And A Pigeon Who Can’t Fly Became Friends

February 20, 2020 VIDEOS


These days, the web has been surrounded by a video clip together with photos in which we can see a wonderful animal friendship.

Herman and Lundy are best friends, even though one is a pigeon and the other is a chihuahua. They came close mainly because of their physical disability, as the pigeon Herman cannot fly, and the chihuahua Lundy cannot walk.

The story of a strange friendship began at The Mia Foundation Animal Shelter, located in New York. Due to a neurological injury, Herman is no longer able to fly, and because of his birth defect, Lundy cannot use his hind legs, making him unable to walk.

The Mia Foundation – Love For Mia, Facebook

They met at the shelter and became best friends there. Their friendship was born when the owner of the Mia Foundation Sue Rogers placed Herman on a pillow next to Lundy and the animals squeezed to each other in an instant.

An unusual friendship video, along with photos, quickly circulated around the world, and in just two days, the Foundation received over $6,000 in new donations due to media exposure and a wonderful story. Take a look at the cute chihuahua and pigeon scenes that have surrounded the world these days!

Source: Klipland

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