The Owner Does The Nicest Thing To His Deformed Dog

December 15, 2023 STORIES VIDEOS


When he was born, his skull was not fully developed. I made him a helmet to protect his head from injury. Mr. Muggle has hydrocephalus, caused by a buildup of fluid putting pressure on the brain.

The breeder gave up Mr. Muggle due to hydrocephalus, and that’s when Road Dog got involved. He was rescued from the situation by one of their volunteers. He was nursed back to health before his adoptive mother Bella took him.

Can you believe it? I turned to Road Dogs. I went there because dogs with hydrocephalus cannot fly due to the pressure on the brain. So I drove 17 hours from Los Angeles to Seattle with Mr. Muggle in the passenger seat.

Hydrocephalus conditions in dogs can vary widely. Developmentally, he’s a bit mediocre. He has things he likes to do that others don’t. Many dogs with this condition have an average life expectancy. My previous dog became seriously ill and lived a good life for six years.

Mister Muggles is kind. He loves to lie on your lap. Overall he’s more like a dog – a really good companion.

There are two holes at the top of the head.

I decided to make a special helmet for him. Most dog hats on the market do not have proper padding, which I think is very important. My work experience is related to this industry.

I used his head as a model. I made a stencil for the indentation. I then expertly applied handcrafted carbon fiber to create the shock-absorbing helmet you see today. He wears it when he’s not lying on my lap or exploring the area.

This helmet is currently a model. I plan to work out a scenario where I hope he continues to wear it because the hole in his skull will never close completely, which is a lifelong risk.

In a way, I always have to be like a parent. The helmet gives him freedom and gives me peace of mind. He does not feel pain or discomfort. Enjoys life to the fullest. Honestly, I don’t think he understands any kind of miraculous condition.

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