The Dog Checks The Safety Of Two Month Old Triplets

November 3, 2021 ANIMALS VIDEOS


Sunny, a little Goldendoodle in Branford, Connecticut, gave birth to triplets. Dogs are very attracted to new family members, so check them regularly to make sure everything is in order.

New mom Lauren Barnes posted a clip on Sunny’s TikTok where they were experimenting with “their” children, which quickly spread on the Internet. Barnes’ cute video dubbed “The Overload of Cute” is melting everywhere.

Barnes shares videos of his cute triplets since their birth, and Sunny has been the focus of most of them.

In the video, three twins are hugging and relaxing on the couch. Everything seems to be in order, but Sunny can come and check again. Two month old babies seem to be waiting for their furry friend. Of course, today’s morning examination is the concern of the whole family.

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