The barista responded to the customer’s threat by breaking the windshield

July 8, 2024 VIDEOS


The other day a video appeared on the Internet where you can see an unusual scene in which an angry waiter decided to take revenge.

After a rude customer spilled a drink on her, the waitress took a hammer and smashed the man’s car windshield.

The video clip, published on YouTube, has already become a real hit – today it received more than 700,000 views on this network alone, and many Internet users came to the waiter’s defense.

We can see an argument between a customer and a waiter in Seattle, Washington. The man got angry at the high price, and then threw the drink into the store and washed down the employee with it. In response, she smashed the windshield of his car with a hammer.

The waitress regrets her actions and the police have opened a criminal case against her. Did the maid do the right thing or did she go too far?

What do you think?