Shelter Dog Shows How Grateful He Is For Hug From Volunteer

November 3, 2019 VIDEOS


When Fresno Humane Animal Services shared a sweet video of a “velvet hippo” aka silver Pit Bull they were hoping to find him a forever home. In the video Walter the dog gets a hug from a longtime volunteer, Ron, while at an adoption event.

Fresno Humane Animal Services (FHAS) wrote:

“Enjoy this sweet moment we captured on video of Walter, the 2 year old velvet hippo, staring into our volunteer’s eyes with gratitude.”

Ron and his wife, Kim, were at an adoption event walking the dogs. Afterwards, Walter turned on the charm and gratitude by snuggling in and looking adoringly into Ron’s eyes.

Just check out the love bug:

After two months at the shelter, the FHAS staff said that Walter, who they describe as a “sweet, calm love-machine” and a “couch potato” was ready for adoption and that it was “his turn to find a happy home.”

Well, the positive vibes paid off and Walter caught the eye of a couple who took him for an overnight stay to see how he’d get along in their home.

Shortly afterwards it was a done deal – Walter has been officially adopted and his new family shared a few photos of Walter smiling in his new home.

Source: reshareworthy

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