Texas farm allows children with special needs to interact with injured animals

November 11, 2020 STORIES VIDEOS


Happer Wolms was only two years old when he first met Priscilla. Her new friend is a turkey who was born with a rare disease known to this little girl.

Harper was born with symbrachidactyl. This is a congenital defect in the right hand of a five-year-old girl; it is relatively small in size and one finger is missing. But for Harpers parents, this is a lucky hand for little girls.

Harper and his mother met Priscilla while visiting a zoo near Austin. This cute turkey was rescued and the “lucky claw” was born. “As soon as Harper saw Priscilla, he headed straight for the turkey. Her mother still remembers how Harper realized that she and the turkey were alike.

Harper’s mother, Celine Walms, said: “It was a coincidence. Meeting Priscilla was a gift. ”

The connection between this little girl and the turkey is the reason why 40-year-old Jamie Wallace-Greener founded Safe in Austin, Leander. He said, “It’s really magic to see another kid come out here and say, ‘They are just like me.’

Wallace-Greener said he was inspired to open a kennel after seeing a service dog named “Angel” make a huge impact on his autistic son Jackson. He said that Angel with six hair was a mainstay of the Pyrenees when he brought her into the family in 2012. Angel Jackson was specially trained to defend and defend himself. He said, “The angel gave my son more faith and strength than any mother could do.

Over the course of several weeks, we saw a dramatic difference. He added: “The safety of an animal that understands him has changed everything he goes through. ”

Priscilla is just one of more than 150 animals that Wallace-Greener protects and protects. These animals have in the past been abused, left unattended or in special needs.

Safe Austin is not only a safe haven for euthanized animals, but also a safe haven for people with disabilities, special needs, and even people with mental health and emotional disorders.

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