Teddy Bear’s Voice Recording of Late Mom Brings Boy to Tears

June 22, 2022 VIDEOS


Recently, an exciting video appeared on the network in which you could watch a boy celebrating his 12th birthday.

His mother died a month ago, and his sister gave him a wonderful gift that brought tears to his eyes.

Brennan Mansell is from Sheffield and his sister Lisa gave him a wonderful birthday present. She bought his a teddy bear, and when you press the button, you can hear her mother say, “Hello, honey. I love you! I send you a kiss. I love you, I love you, I love you. ” I love you so much! “

The boy’s reaction was recorded by his sister Bailey-Mae, who revealed in the video that his family is dealing with his mother’s death. He said that without him they seemed completely lost because she was the light of their lives. At the same time, he thanked his family for all the support they have received around the world.

Watch the boy’s exhilarating reaction to his sister’s wonderful birthday present. Will this picture touch your heart?

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