Father Trains Dog To Supervise His Daughter As She Does Homework In China

May 19, 2019 VIDEOS


A father from the Chinese province of Guizhou taught his puppy to watch over his daughter. Dog Riceball learned how to supervise the daughter while doing a homework, which was always avoided by her.

Now, the video clip on the web has become a real sensation, and the dog will certainly make the day better for you.

When Riceball was young, I trained her to guard food from the cat. Then one day I had an idea – my daughter would always misbehave when she was doing her homework. I let Riceball watch over her sister, supervising her,” said Xu Liang, dog’s owner.

Every time his daughter writes her homework, Riceball looks after her. The use of a mobile phone is forbidden during this, and the dog warns about the possible “violation” with a loud barking.

Xi Xinya, daughter of the owner of a puppy, told the media that writing her homework in the presence of a puppy is much easier, and she also supports her father’s move herself.

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