Stray Dog In Pain Walks into Someone’s Yard and Collapses – But Thankfully The Right People Found Him

February 26, 2018 VIDEOS


A family in Los Angeles was pretty shocked when they spotted a stray dog lying lifeless on a doormat in their own family yard. Luckily, the lady had some knowledge of Hope For Paws, so she called them over to help the sick animal. Eldad Hagar and Loreta Frankonyte showed up right on time!

Turns out, the dog was sick. Milo was hurt in his jaws and shoulder. The infection seemed to have been spreading, making it hard for the innocent dog to live comfortably. Luckily for Milo, his days of suffering were finally over!

The rescuers made a gurney and took him away with them. After he got some medication, Milo was relieved of pain and was happy again. In fact, he seemed relaxed when they took him into the car. He knew he was finally safe from all the hurt that had caused him so much pain. Great thanks and recognition for the family that helped him get help.

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