Smart Tiny Foal Decides To Join Dad, Now Wait Til You See What He Does Next

May 23, 2018 VIDEOS


You may have not taken a glass of it yet, but you most probably have watched some of the awesome Budweiser ads. You’ll realize that these guys like to use the most famous Clydesdales in the ads most of the times, and it always turns out great. This one too!

In this Super Bowl commercial, a little fowl is with dad when things start happening. Apparently, the “adults” have teamed up for a performance, and it appears to be quite a pull for the little horse. He just won’t “sit around” and watch as the biggies pull off one of the performances he loves most, so he’s going to join them and get the first-hand experience too!

From the look of it, you can expect to fall in love with this foal. In fact, he isn’t just joining the adults in this. He wants to lead the whole operation!

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