Scientists Discover Dangerous Bacteria Inside Favorite Bathtime Toy

November 20, 2018 VIDEOS


Growing up, there were a ton of toys that were probably dangerous – but our parents didn’t know any better before giving them to us. While most of these toys are no longer sold in stores and have long since been tossed in the garage, there’s one familiar household toy that we’ve all played with and it’s now being linked to horrible bacteria…

Bright yellow rubber duckies provided hours of bathtime fun for children since the 1940s, but now scientists are speaking out about what yucky gunk lives inside the duck. Inside Edition shared a story about these funky findings, saying, “Scientists checked out the murky liquid that’s released when the toys are squeezed and found that four out of the five [rubber ducks] contain potentially pathogenic bacteria.” This means the ducks are hosts to a variety of dangerous germs that could harm our most vulnerable family members. Children don’t have a stable immune system — and pathogens like these could be linked to the spread of severe infections!

While it comes as a surprise that these plastic polymer ducks hold such a high level of bacteria, it’s the specific type of bacteria they found that’s really causing alarm within the parenting community. A simple yellow rubber duck could be tied to a host of infectious breakouts all around the country. Learn about what black bacteria lives inside your child’s or grandchild’s favorite bathtime toy in the video here.!

Source: faithtap

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