Sailor Comes Home on Leave and Is Reunited With Her Beloved Dog

November 23, 2018 VIDEOS


This sailor has worked hard to protect her country and has been away for some time. During that time, her poor dog missed her terribly. This video shows them being reunited in a moment that will bring a big smile to your face. It is clear this dog does not realize it is her at first. Once she truly realizes, she begins to go crazy, running around and leaping with joy. This woman left such an impact on the dog, time could not dull the love between them!

It is so joyful to watch these two being reunited. The dog is so excited she cannot remain still and runs back and forth, as if she is proclaiming the wonderful news to the world. She even runs around the woman and catches her legs in the leash at one point. If you love seeing these kinds of special reunions, Please SHARE on Facebook to honor our service men and women.

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