Rude customer bullies the bag boy with special needs. Now keep your eye on older woman in red

April 23, 2018 VIDEOS


What would be your reaction if you came across a special needs person being ridiculed and mocked? Would you help them out or you could mind your business?

You are about to learn something in the incredible video below titled, What Would You Do?. It brings out some sense of kindness and duty as displayed by a stranger in a social experiment. The actor has Down syndrome and poses as a bagging clerk. It all takes place Kilroy’s Wonder Market within New Jersey. While carrying out his role, he is abused verbally. There were other actors posing as customers who are impatient who go ahead mock him for not being fast enough.

One actor had the audacity to ask loudly why they even hired him. He said he was wasting people’s time.

The other buyers stood in line as they watched the unsettling events unfold. They had no idea their reactions were being captured on a hidden camera. Most of them sympathized with him and condemned the bully. One woman assists him to pack up and gives him a hug. The video teaches important compassion lessons. Watch the inspiring video below.
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