Cat Crossed The Road During Rally Stage, Driver Avoided It In Last Second

August 20, 2019 VIDEOS


A video from the previous Superrally race is coming from Hungary, where a Hungarian crew saved a cat after it ran over the track.

At the last moment, a confused animal ran over the road, when the driver bypassed the cat and saved her life with a quick reaction.

Czékmány Norbi from Hungary posted a video on the web, after resigning due to technical problems. He was still driving along the track, but due to his time was no longer important, he drifted all the way, and at the same time he entertained many spectators along the course with a wild ride.

On a straight section, the driver noticed a cat next the road when it finally crossed the track at the last second.

Czékmány missed the cat in the last second, and all together was shot on a camera installed inside the vehicle. Look at the move, which impressed many racing enthusiasts as well as animal lovers.

Source: klipland

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