Rescuers of released squirrels show off their new home

May 15, 2024 VIDEOS


A few months ago, a video of the amazing story of a baby squirrel appeared on YouTube.

The woman saved the animal’s life, took care of it for a while and released it back into the wild. A strong friendship began between the squirrel and the woman.

The video clip, posted on YouTube, has already become a huge hit – it has been viewed more than half a million times to date, with many animal lovers amazed by the scenes.

We get to follow Roo, an orphaned kitten, early in his life. Danny Connor helps a toddler after his mother is hit by a car. She took care of him and gave him everything he needed to survive, and then it was time to release the squirrel back into the wild.

They helped him live an independent life, and soon Roo proudly showed his savior his new home. Watch this amazing video to see the amazing friendship between a squirrel and a human.

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