Ragdoll Duo AGT 2022 abandoned after By A Huge Brawl

June 20, 2022 VIDEOS


The latest episode of America’s Got Talent 2022 also featured a show of girls playing Duo Rag Dolls in the entertainment world.

Their show was rejected by all the judges, so a real fight broke out on stage.

The Duo Rag Dolls audition video has already been a real success online – to date, it has amassed over 950,000 views on YouTube alone, due in part to the fight that took place on stage.

The judges were silent, but in the end it was a well-planned show with girls, especially the badass Simon Cowell.

Take a look at the unusual preselection scene for America’s Got Talent 2022 and we’ll see a hilarious brawl between the two contestants.

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