Queen’s single “Face It Alone” featuring Freddie Mercury has just been released

October 25, 2022 VIDEOS


The famous musical group Queen recently released the song “Face It Alone”, which was sung decades ago by the legendary singer Freddie Mercury.

The song was written for the album The Miracle in 1988 but was never included. That’s why it was released as a single these days.

The video of the legendary Queen song “Face It Alone” is circulating on the Internet these days. To date, it has over 8 million views on YouTube alone.

“It’s great to hear the four of us after all these years,” Queen guitarist Brian May said after the release. The song was also described by the band’s drummer Roger Taylor, who called it an almost forgotten little gem.

Listen to Freddie Mercury’s almost forgotten 1988 song “Face It Alone” by the legendary band Queen. Will this song inspire you too?

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