Pups Waited Nine Long Months To Meet Their New Baby Brother

August 20, 2018 VIDEOS


Waiting for anything is hard for pups and people alike. Whether it’s dinner, a walk or even a baby sibling, being patient is just not in canine behavior.

So when Frame the Weimaraner and his pupper sibling realized Mom was expecting a baby, they were over the moon with excitement. No one could’ve expected that they would be so close after he finally arrived!

According to Animal Planet, dogs have a keen sense of smell and recognize a woman’s changing hormones even before pregnancy tests reveal they’re expecting. While it’s impossible to tell if the pups here know that a baby is coming, it’s entirely possible that they understand the concept and result of pregnancy.

Frame and his Weimaraner sibling stuck by Mom’s side for nine long months. As her belly continued to grow, they became even more protective of her. Wherever Mom went, the pups were sure to follow!

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