Pryor Mountain Wild Horses Are Just About As Majestic As Is Gets

June 21, 2018 VIDEOS


Sandy Palin lives in Montana and never takes that for granted. There is so much to experience in Montana — wildlife, fresh air, and truly breathtaking views — that it’s hard to believe that you’re in the same country as the suburbia that many of us reside in.

One of the most amazing sights that Palin has the privilege of witnessing are all the bands of wild horses that roam free on Pryor Mountain. Pryor Mountain is right on the border of Montana and Wyoming, and the views you get from all over the mountain are truly incredible. The streams that run down the mountainside attract incredible wildlife, and the wildflowers that dot the land brighten up the spring and summer days, while the mountaintops are occasionally sprinkled in snow.

The people that get to see the horses firsthand begin to recognize them by sight and give them names. They can identify each band, as well as the relationships within that band.

This video is footage of many of the wild horse sightings that this particular Montanan captured, and you can totally see why these images are so near and dear to her heart. All the horses have their own personalities and habits, and it must be so amazing to be an eyewitness to their growth and lives every day.

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