Proud father celebrating Daughter With Down Syndrome Graduates College

March 16, 2022 STORIES


Many parents want their children to be educated. No parent is proud that their child graduated from college. Not everyone can achieve great academic success.

Jay Handlen was a proud father and another reason why his daughter Rachel was happy to graduate from college.

You see, Rachel has Down syndrome. He is also one of the few college-educated people who has a genetic disorder. That’s why the proud father tweeted this amazing news of his daughters’ success in mid-May and his family congratulated and supported him online with hundreds of thousands of people online.

In the United States, children with Down syndrome receive free education. However, there is no such guarantee once you reach high school age. Their condition is often accompanied by varying degrees of mental retardation, and many students with Down syndrome are ineligible to go to college.

During the trip, Rachel and her family were confronted by “protesters”. However, they didn’t let it stop. There are colleges and universities that offer classes and other professional development programs for students with Down Syndrome. However, obtaining a diploma is not an easy task.

however, changes can be made to make the learning materials more accessible to them. However, the strict requirements for higher education are the same for everyone, even for people with Down syndrome.

This year, Rachel Handlin earned a bachelor’s degree in photography and media from the California Institute of the Arts, making her one of the few people with Down syndrome to qualify.

In an interview with PEOPLE magazine, Mr. Handlin said, “Of all the people with Down syndrome in the world, one million have a regular college education.”

But when she was younger, her parents already saw her potential. When Rachel was in ninth grade, she was given a Nikon Coolpix camera and a digital camera for her birthday. It was then that she really fell in love with photography.

She went to high school to create a portfolio. The package helped him get into CalArts, where he became the first student with Down syndrome to go to university.

Of course, she did not finish college without problems and obstacles. Unlike other college students who loved independence and self-sufficiency, Rachel lived off campus with her mother so she didn’t have to deal with the added burden of learning to live independently after graduation. It’s just one of the things she has to live on.

But no one but Rachel can appreciate her success.

The response was overwhelming support. It has received a lot of support online. She has been a beacon of hope for families with children with Down syndrome.

Contrary to popular belief, many people with Down syndrome can achieve this. Unfortunately, they do not have such opportunities and resources. It’s time to start looking at people with disabilities in a whole new way.

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