Pregnant dog with giant belly is exhausted giving birth—then owners were amazed counting the puppies

May 2, 2018 VIDEOS


Many people think that a love affair exists only between humans. But you will be surprised when you watch this video.

Two dogs, Diva and Joey, started an affair in 2013. Diva, a Staffordshire, fell deep in love with Joey, a shepherd mix. The result of their relation was a pregnancy, two months after they started.

Just like any dad can’t help when her daughter is pregnant, so was Diva’s father. He just noticed Diva’s belly growing fat and big. And yes the belly was getting huge for some reason, she was pregnant. Diva gave birth to 13 little puppies 59 days later. Since she was still young, she had no motherhood experience. In fact, she was frightened when her first puppy came out. Thanks to her parents who near to help her out. She was able to calm down for her remaining delivery

Don’t just be surprised. Her puppies, I mean all 13, were healthy, alive, and kicking. It doesn’t matter the physical condition of the mom, experiencing the miracle of birth is exciting. You have to watch this video and see this exciting moment.

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