Pitty Can’t Stop Sticking His Nose in Her Mom’s Pregnant Belly

April 4, 2021 VIDEOS


A cute video appeared on the network in in which all attention was stolen from a pregnant owner by a pit bull dog.

The pet barely waited for the arrival of a new family member, who was shown several times during the owner’s pregnancy.

During the first pregnancy of the mistress, a dog named Ray became very interested in the baby. Unfortunately, the first pregnancy ended in miscarriage and did not go according to plan.

The couple smiled happily when they had another child. This time around, Ray’s dog was even more protective, and his actions with the pregnant owner caught the attention of many animal lovers.

She was so excited about the birth of her baby that in just a few days, the video received over 3 million views. Check out what Pete Bull did next to the pregnant hostess.

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