Opera Singer Innocent Masuku From South Africa Blows Simon Cowell Away

May 15, 2024 VIDEOS


South African Innocent Masuku also took part in the Britain’s Got Talent 2024 final auditions.

He introduced himself to the judges by performing a hit from the opera Caruso, and his performance amazed everyone present.

The video clip of her audition has already become a hit on the Internet – more than half a million people have watched it on YouTube alone, and her singing talent is praised by people from all over the world.

Britain’s Got Talent,Youtube

Innocent Masuku, 33, is originally from South Africa and has been living in London for the past few years. At the final BGT 2024 auditions, she introduced herself by singing the 1986 opera hit “Caruso,” signed by Italian musician Lucio Dalla. This song is dedicated to the legendary Italian tenor Enrico Caruso.

Listen to 33-year-old South African Innocent Masuku’s stunning vocal performance that wowed all the judges at the latest Britain’s Got Talent 2024 auditions.

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