He Notices His Deliveries Disappearing, So He Does This To Catch The Thief. Brilliant!

June 22, 2017 VIDEOS


It’s been noted that the holiday season comes with an uptick in theft. Thieves target delivery boxes thinking they might have something valuable and hence “viable” for stealing. Well, it should occur to them that this same period is also viable for teaching thieves a few nasty lessons!

Bryan Nalette is clearly not a guy to steal from, as we you’ll get to understand when you find out what he did to a thief. Bryan noticed that his boxes had started “delivering themselves elsewhere.” At first, he shrugged it off as a mix up in the delivery routine, but then it persisted, so he decided to install a camera.

In fact, he didn’t install just a camera. The smart guy had other plans for the thief: His dog’s poop plus a bell. Check this out and see what happened.

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