Man Shows Incredible 365-Day Transformation, Leaving Everyone Speechless

July 13, 2019 VIDEOS


All those who think that are overweight, find it very difficult to deal with losing weight. We are always looking for new and new excuses that things simply can not be achieved.

At the end of 2017, the man named Vance Hinds decided for very important step in his life, as he had weighted too much.

He weighed as much as 475 pounds, so he was determined at the time to start losing weight. Much inspiration was given to him by comedian Bert Kreischer, who in October 2017 challenged many to accept every opportunity offered to them.

Vance has worked hard on exercises and hiking, and in one year he impressed thousands of people with his result.

In one year, he lost nearly 200 pounds, with the final result proving that everything was possible. Only the head must be in the right place, and the obstacles in the way should not take our desire to lose weight away!

Source: klipland

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