He Made Her Do It. Her Reaction I Peed My Pants Laughing

July 9, 2018 VIDEOS


This video is so darn hilarious, I was in tears halfway through. Alix decided to give us a real treat by postomg the clip of her stepfather and his sister on the Myrtle Beach Sling Shot during vacation.

If you’re not familiar with this thrill ride, the Sling Shot is a “catapult bungee” that uses cables and a spring device that can propel riders 150 m high at speeds of 160 km per hour. It’s the type of ride that leaves your stomach at the top.

Needless to say, Roger’s sister wasn’t all too happy that her brother coerced her into getting on this thing, but she’s a sport. And as soon as these siblings are catapulted into the sky, the tears of laughter start flowing.

Her reaction is simply priceless — screaming, clinging onto Roger and desperately crying out, “Roger! Where are you! Where are you, Roger!” Of course, Roger is right there next to her, in a fit of hysterics. She’s crying, he’s laughing. Typical brother-sister relationship right here.

Trip to Myrtle Beach, anyone?

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