Cat receives the sweetest letter from a secret admirer

May 19, 2019 VIDEOS


The other day, a woman came home to her trusty cat Chips.

Pets often  help cheer their people up , and since Karen Miele was having a particularly lousy week, Chips’  feline brand of good humor  and devil-may-care attitude were particularly welcome.

What Miele didn’t expect to lift her spirits was an envelope that had been dropped through the mail slot.

Karen Miele

Chips enjoys sitting on the windowsill that looks out onto the street where she and her human live in Nottingham, UK. And apparently, Chips had caught someone’s eye while doing what she loves to do.

Inside the envelope was a nicely developed photograph of Chips gazing out the window. On the envelope was a little note that read:

“For you — Your lovely cat. I always look for him. —Jean.”

Karen Miele

Jean even took the trouble of writing the year the photograph was taken on the back of the picture.

Karen Miele

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