Less Than 8 Minutes From Empty Nest To First Egg

July 14, 2021 VIDEOS


Last June, a stunning video of a wooden hatchery was posted on the Internet, allowing him to diligently observe the crown bird as it nests.

The entire scene was filmed with a hidden camera in a hatchery and many animal lovers admire this scene.

The video, released on the Internet a month ago, has already become a real hit, only on YouTube it has gained almost 30 million views, and the diligent bird will surely impress you.

Tit bird diligently filled with nests, plants, hair, and other necessities, creating a pleasant temporary home for a family of new birds. In less than 8 minutes we can observe the construction of the hive, which lasted 46 days.

Watch this awesome birdhouse video where you can diligently manage a tit to build nests for future chicks. Will the video impress you too?

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