Lady Tells Neighbor’s Goat To Get Back To The Fence And he Listens

June 24, 2021 VIDEOS


One of the online hits was a video that took all the attention from the obedient goat.

A neighbor noticed that the goat had escaped from the pasture, so he told the goat to return to the yard by car.

This video has already become a real hit on the web – in just a few weeks it has collected over half a million views on YouTube, and the goat’s answer will surely make you laugh.

Passing a neighbor’s pasture, the woman saw a goat running away along the road. Soon she ordered her to return to the courtyard as soon as possible, and the goat followed him. She made a lot of online users laugh with her charming move.

Take a look at a funny shot of a goat owner filming in a nearby pasture.

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