What This Lady And Her Horse Did Here Is Still Making People Drool

May 3, 2018 VIDEOS


When Heather Johnson rode her horse into the stage to compete in the Kentucky Reining World Championships in 2014, no one expected what was to happen. Double really made her proud!

Double is Heather’s horse, and they had both trained hard on the best moves to pull on the stage. Double perfected the moves, the runs, the stops, the spins. All that. When you watch just how this horse does its thing before the judges, you’ll have no choice but to fall in love with Double!

Watch as the two work it to the song, “Same Love,” by Ryan Lewis and Macklemore, and you’ll be amazed by their cool performance. At entry, the contests have a score of 70, which gets added on or deducted based on how well they pull each move. Guess what? Heather and Double walked off the stage with 225 points in total. That’s so smart, because they concentrated on performing the best moves in the best of ways. I love that!

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