How To Roast Cripsy, Salted Veggies To Perfection

October 20, 2018 VIDEOS


No matter what season it is, there’s nothing quite like a perfectly-roasted pan of brussels sprouts. With a robust flavor and a light crispy shell, this flavorful veggie can totally hit the spot. But it can be tricky to achieve. Roasting a pan of brussels sprouts only to end up with a pan of limp leaves and light flavor is much less than satisfying. It really is about getting the perfect amount of flavor and crispiness. To make things much easier, this video explains how to get the perfect outcome – every time.

Watch from start to finish how to simplify the process and eliminate the worry. This simple how-to video helps eliminate all the guesswork and ensure a delicious side dish for your family or your next gathering. After washing, drying, and chopping, add just the right amount of olive oil, which is explained in the video, and a dash of a spice mixture that you probably already have on hand. Set your timer and watch the roasting do its magic – only make sure that you arrange your brussels sprouts as seen in the video.

In addition to the health benefits of these vegetables, there are other great reasons to add more brussels sprouts in your diet. These veggies complement multiple staples for dinner time. Add them to any Italian or meat dishes and a delicious pair is created. Not only that, but you can also transfer the roasting techniques used in this video to other foods and veggies – try roasting your broccoli and chopped carrots and potatoes this way, too. Watch these tips below to enjoy your next pan of perfectly roasted vegetables.

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