Horrifying Dash Cam Shows The Moment Tractor Cuts Off Snowplow, Sending It Off Highway into Utah Canyon.

January 21, 2018 VIDEOS


People need to learn to be more considerate when passing. Everyone is in a hurry to get from place to place. However, when people rush on the road and are constantly passing people, they can really be putting the other drivers on the road in danger.

This happened in the case of one tractor trailer driver in Utah who passed a snow plow. He came in too close, and ended up knocking snow from the plow into the front window. The driver was blinded and slide across the road into a hill.

The driver rolled down 300 feet. The police say that the man’s safety belt saved his life. Thankfully there was not a DOG in the vehicle or the DOG would probably have perished.

Terry Jacobson was hospitalized for his injuries. The driver of the other vehicle pulled over and cooperated with the police. He was issued several tickets for his reckless passing.

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