Owner Scares His Chihuahua With Farts, Captures Dog’s Reaction On Camera

July 20, 2019 VIDEOS


Each of us has already experienced a pain in the abdomen, and the result was the loud winds with unpleasant odors. Well, we know how they say – first health, then culture!

The owner of a lovely chihuahua could not withstand from winds, and he published a ffunny video on the internet this year.

He made a compilation in which he “scared” his dog with hilarious farts, and then published dog’s reaction online. The reactions of a dog named Herbert made a lot of honest laughs and we do not even dare to doubt that you will not laugh at the scenes.

The owner wrote under the video that Herbert never likes loud farts, and with his reactions he always takes care for a dose of laugh. That’s why he took the camera in those moments to captured a number of Herbert’s reactions.

Will the chihuahua also make you laugh with his response? Take a look at the video that’s a big hit these days!

Source: klipland

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