He Surprises his Parents by Paying for The House with His own Money

October 29, 2020 VIDEOS


The video, in which the son surprised his parents, re-circulated on the Internet many years ago.

He gave them a letter, and his parents could not cry.

Joy Trombon is a talented young man who has been developing mobile apps since he was a child. A few years ago, he created Videoshop, a video editing software for mobile phones, and gave it a good life.

His parents were always humble, but they were willing to do anything. However, they had a house debt, and Joy Christmas paid off the debt, which made them more beautiful.

In a letter to his parents, he said, “Your house is paid for. Merry Christmas, Joe. The parents shed tears of joy when they heard the good news. Hi, my son took such an exciting step!

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