Hailstorm in Spain kills a small child and injures more than 50 people

September 2, 2022 VIDEOS


A 20-month-old girl died on Tuesday after heavy hail and severe storms hit northeast Spain.

According to media reports, she was hit in the head by a hailstone with a diameter of 11 cm, and the hospital could not help her.

In Spain there was a strong storm, hail fell with a diameter of 11 centimeters. It fell for 10 minutes, which locals say was a terrifying ten minutes. The Catalan meteorological service said that the hail near the border with Spain and France was the strongest in the last 20 years.

The hail caused significant damage to vehicles and buildings, and according to the latest reports, about 50 people were injured by the hail alone with broken bones and minor injuries. Unfortunately, a 20-month-old girl died after being hit by hail.

Watch this terrifying hail video from a recent storm in Spain. We express our deepest condolences to the parents and relatives of a 20-month-old girl.

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