4-Year-Old Gives Hilarious Tip To Baby Brother, And It’s About Grandma

September 11, 2019 VIDEOS


With age comes wisdom. That’s why when we are dealing with a difficult decision or life complication, we often turn to the older individuals in our family for advice. Chances are, they’ve dealt with something similar or at least know someone who has.

Although nobody likes being lectured, most of us appreciate the friendly guidance of others. Even the simplest of advice can have a big impact on us. That’s why 4-year-old Ari decides to have a long, honest talk about life with Baby Finn, who he considers his non-related brother. Ari wants to make sure that Finn can adapt to life’s many twists and turns as he gets older. You can probably imagine how this talk rolls out!

Just shortly into the video of Ari talking to Finn, I’m already laughing. “Let’s talk, Finn. I’ve been on this Earth for four long years! From one man to another, here’s my advice,” starts the 4-year-old.

Ari’s first piece of advice to the infant is to learn to accept that Mommy and Daddy are going to say “no” a lot. However, his advice for dealing with this is to ask Grandma instead because she “always says ‘yes.’” Truthfully, that’s some genius advice!

One of my next favorite parts in the video is when Ari tells Finn, “Grown-ups will try to get you to sleep more. Don’t do it!” Then, in response, Finn makes a noise that sounds a lot like he’s saying, “Oh.” The little dude is probably regretting sleeping 14 hours a day, missing out on all the “exciting” stuff older Ari says he does.

Not too much later into the conversation, Ari explains to the infant all the things he isn’t allowed to eat. “…bubble gum, money, garbage, Play-dog, your dog…” The look on Finn’s face is priceless! He’s probably thinking, “Man, this life thing is more complicated than I thought!”

Another highlight of the preschooler’s in-depth chat with Finn was when he told him where babies come from. Finn begins crying. “Yeah, that was my reaction too,” responds Ari.

“You know, Finn, sometimes you gotta cry it out, but I’m always here for you,” says the 4-year-old. Fittingly, the baby stops crying and begins to smile.

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