Girl with rare disease invents teddy bear that hides IV bags for children

June 17, 2019 VIDEOS


Ella Casano, a 12-year-old girl has invented a special teddy bear called Medi Teddy while battling a rare disease. This Medi Teddy makes IV seem less scary for kids.

When Ella was just 7 years old, she was diagnosed with Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura or, “ITP,” an autoimmune disease in which her body destroys its own platelets. According to her website, the little girl has to be hooked up to an IV every eight weeks for treatment of her chronic illness.

Medi Teddy Credit: Medi Teddy

“When I had my first infusion, I was surprised and a little bit intimidated by the look of the amount of tubing and medical equipment on my IV pole. As I saw more and more children experiencing the same feelings, I became more interested in creating a friendlier experience for young IV patients, so I created Medi Teddy. I hope that Medi Teddy helps you just as much as it helps me!”, Ella posted on her website.

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Medi Teddy is a stuffed animal that has a pouch in the back that can hold either IV bags or bottles.

“From the front, the child sees a friendly face and not the bag of medication, blood product or IV fluid being infused,” Ella said.

Ella and her family have patented Medi Teddy and found a manufacturing company for her product. The first 500 Medi Teddys will be distributed at no cost to children in need.

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