Giant Mastiff May Look Formidable But He Is As Gentle As A Lamb

May 3, 2018 VIDEOS


there were ever a dog that could truly be labeled as a gentle giant, this is the one! This giant Tibetan Mastiff is absolutely huge and a sight to behold. Seeing him lying there and allowing the baby to crawl all over him proves just how kind and gentle he actually is. When you see this sweet video, you will want to give this big softie a huge hug!

The look on this dog’s face shows he is accustomed to this baby climbing all over him. He simply lies there and likely enjoys the massage he gets as the little tike plays on top of him! It is clear these two are going to be the best of friends for many years to come! It will be some time before the boy outgrows the dog and can no longer play on his back. Check out this sweet video and Please SHARE on Facebook for all dog lovers to see.

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