Abbey Road Studio Recording Is A Folky Time Warp Back To 1965 That Everyone Is Loving



In the 1960s, while anti-war protests were raging, the middle class was widening, and generation gaps were shifting, both culture and politics were head to head. As a result, the counterculture was on the rise, giving way to a colorful music scene, and a revolution in social norms, creating trends that were making their way across America, eventually influencing the land down under.

The Seekers are an Australian folk-pop quartet who were the first ever to emerge from their home country to go on to enjoy continued success and create major chart-toppers both in the UK and US. With lead female vocals and the unique use of a double bass and 12-string guitar, this band had a different sound, plus they were seen as exotic.

The Seekers’ sound is bright and bubbly. With an uptempo rhythm and flow, their music straddles the spot between sounding strictly folk and rough like rock. Their jovial, jazz-influenced, doo-wop genre helped them find their place amongst the movers and shakers of the time, giving them a couple of hit songs.

1964 single, “I’ll Never Find Another You” hit #1 in the UK in February 1965. Not bad for the band’s first UK-released single. It even climbed the charts in the US, reaching #4 and #2 on the Pop and Easy Listening Billboard Hot 100 charts, respectively.

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