Fire Tornado Captured In Israel, Stunning Video Will Leave You Speechless

August 23, 2019 VIDEOS


These days, a video clip from Israel has surfaced the web, in which we can see a remarkable natural phenomenon.

During the fire, a stunning fiery tornado formed in the field, which took many breaths away.

A fire tornado or the fire vortex is, however, a very rare phenomenon in which fire, under appropriate conditions (air temperature and air currents), acquires the ability to vertically swirl. This creates a tornado-like fire vortex, typically 10 to 50 meters tall.

Some fire tornadoes can reach altitudes of more than a kilometer, with winds inside exceeding 160 kph.

A smaller fire tornado was also witnessed in Israel a few days ago, and the scene captured on camera took many people’s breath. Take a look at how this rare natural phenomenon looks like!

Source: klipland

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