Egg Time-Lapse What Happens With An Egg After 13 Days

December 3, 2019 VIDEOS


Ever wondered what happens to egg yolk and egg white if its left outside for days?

Youtube user Temponaut Timelapse provided the answer to this question when he recorded the egg decomposition in a time-lapse technique over a 13-day period.

In 4K resolution, the time-lapse video captures the changes on yolk and egg white, and has captivated many users online. Time-lapse have so far garnered almost 5 million views on the Youtube network alone.

The egg yolk began to decay in the video only after three days, then changed its shape in a very special way for another 10 days.

See what happens to egg yolks and egg whites if left at room temperature for 13 days!

Source: KlipLand/Temponaut Timelapse

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