Dog Saves His Chicken Friends From Hungry Trespassing Fox

May 19, 2019 VIDEOS


The owner of the hens from Poland had a lot of problems with foxes in the past. They often sneak up to his pantry where they had a delicious lunch.

That is why the owner has bought a dog who always keeps an eye on the owner’s chickens.

Two years ago, a video clip was uploaded on the web, taken by a security camera on the property of the chicken’s owner. In the scene we can see a moment when a fox sneaked next to the hen, but then the dog took the reins into the hands.
When he heard a loud noises, he quickly ran against the hen, and there he saw a fox. He ran after the fox, and with his act he saved at least one of the chickens.

In those days, the owner of the chicken announced in public that the three chickens disappeared due to foxes, but he still has 6 more. At the same time, he said that the fox in the video is probably still running…

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