This Dog Has A Unique Addiction… What He Does

August 9, 2017 VIDEOS


Some dogs crave for things which can make us conclude they’re crazy. Take for instance the fluffy chow chow over here who is in love and addicted to a hair dryer. So hilarious!

Not many dogs out there will dare to come across an operational blow dryer like this one does. Whenever this pup hears his owner using this machine, it makes its way into the bathroom for its favorite play. She normally loves every minute of it most especially after taking a bath.

I wonder what this pup thinks about the dryer. When you see him positioned in front of it as it lets the wind sweeps through him, you notice how excited he is. He is too relaxed when using it as opposed to what most dogs are known to do.

You should note that high-powered hair dryers are recommended when grooming a chow is necessary. That way, you will save a lot of time and eliminate the need of drying the dog’s coat.

Does your dog react like this one over here?

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