Dog Interrupts Dad’s Awful Whitney Houston Rendition With His Own Singing

April 15, 2018 VIDEOS


Here comes the most horrible human performance!

The guy in the video is a dog owner, and he seems to have gotten the idea that he can actually trick his own dog into joining him in a duet. So what does he do? He starts destroying a good song in the most pitiful method ever. His dog can’t let him do this!

Well, seems like his trick worked, because as soon as the dog is clear of all the confusion about this horrendous tune, he decides to join in and help his owner do a better job. What transpires next is the duet of the century!

First, you’ll love just how this canine tries hard to tune up with the owner’s horrible singing of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You,” and he does it with so much enthusiasm that you can’t help wondering if he might actually start talking at some point. I love this dog already!
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