Her dad forced her to break up with fiance, 50 years later, she finds newspaper clipping mom kept hidden

June 16, 2018 VIDEOS


Janice Rude was a student at Occidental College in California and working part time in the cafeteria to help pay her way through college. But one day, a guy came along and swept her off her feet. Prentiss Wilson was a great guy. He liked Janice. He kept coming back for breakfast, and that led into something else. The two fell for each other!

Janice and Prentiss were so in love with each other that they decided to marry. They got engaged and even appeared in a local paper. However, Janice’s dad didn’t really embrace the idea of her marriage, so he forced her to scrap her wedding plans, threatening to cut her financial support. She had no choice!

“It wasn’t going to work for me. I had to get a college degree,” Janice says.

With great grief, many tears, and two crushed hearts, Janice broke up with Prentiss. It was the hurt of her life. The two went separate ways and lived through marriages and divorces.

Decades after they lost touch, Prentiss’s mother passed away. While putting away her things, Prentiss found something he never expected to see again in his mother’s things.

“[There] was the engagement announcement of our engagement that had been in her local papers—and she held onto it all that time,” Prentiss said.

“But more amazing—when Janice’s mother died, and our two mothers had never met—and Janice goes through her things—in her wallet is the same announcement that had been in her local newspaper.”

“The signs were that we were supposed to be together,” Janice said.

The shocking discovery led Janice and Prentiss to contact each other again. Neither of them was still married and they were no longer under the control of their parents…

So on June 20, 2010, Janice and Prentiss met again to see if there was still a spark. Suddenly, Prentiss pointed out that Janice was wearing the same color pants as Thanksgiving 1961 — and in a flash, the feelings washed over them again.

“It was time to rectify what had gone wrong 50 years ago,” Prentiss said.

So they got engaged again.

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