Child Was Caught Trying To Steal A Package From The Door

September 29, 2021 VIDEOS


The video, which appeared on the Internet a few days ago, has already become a real hit.

When the black boy approached the door, a security camera recorded a video in front of one of the houses, where he then tried to steal the package.

The video, which was shown on YouTube a few days ago, has been a real success to date, has received over 130,000 views, and you will smile when you see the scene with the boy.

A black boy was about to steal a package from the front of the house when a security camera detected movement and used audio messages to capture the entire scene. The boy quickly regretted his decision and then apologized several times to the camera.

He explained that he was just playing, and even knocked on the door of the house to explain the situation to the owners. Watch the video for a good laugh.

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