2 Grandmas Can’t Stop Laughing Long Enough To Get Off An Inflatable Raft

July 11, 2019 VIDEOS


Two grandmas are taking the internet by storm with a funny video of them trying to get off an inflatable raft. And as the grannies struggle to get up, their laughter is contagious!

Getting out of an inflatable raft sounds easy enough. But when these two grandmas finished a leisurely day on the water with their family, getting back on dry land was anything but easy!

Everyone was floating on a giant inflatable raft and the two elderly women just couldn’t figure out how to get off. As they start to roll around and fall onto the float, others quickly come to their aid.

But as soon as everyone around realized that there was no safety risk, the cameras came out and the laughter ensued!

Inflatable Raft Escape Has Everyone In Hysterics
One relative started to record the three-and-a-half minute clip of the hilarious situation. And we’re so glad they did!

The video shows one of the grandmas being rolled off the side. The other almost gets hold of the raft and just needs to ‘slide down’. But when she enters the water, even more shenanigans arise!

Finally, the two grandmas are safely brought to shore amid a roar of laughter.

It was definitely a moment that no one is going to forget anytime soon. In fact, over 43 million people have watched these sisters hilariously struggle to get off the raft!

These women couldn’t stop laughing and I don’t think that I did either. The longer the video goes on, the more I was laughing at these funny grandmas. I’m so glad that someone recorded and shared this one-of-a-kind moment on the Internet.

h/t: Godtube

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/LightWorkers

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