BBC Channel Presents Extended Trailer For ‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’ And It’s Breathtaking

July 6, 2019 VIDEOS


BBC Earth has posted a new wonderful video clip on the web featuring many of the beauty that our Mother Earth offers us.

In their documentary series, “Seven Worlds, One Planet”, they were once again delighted with breathtaking scenes!

Seven continents, all unique. With these words they opened a good four-minute long trailer for their series. In the video, we can see a rich natural heritage from all over the world, and there is no lack of beautiful scenes with animals.

This time, the trailer was prepared by the BBC in collaboration with singer Sia and musician Hans Zimmer. In the background, their new song “Out There” is heard, which is perfect for the scenes that we can see in the recording!

See what scenes we will see in the new part of the series “Seven Worlds, One Planet” presented by the BBC. Take a look at their trailer and enjoy watching!

Source: klipland

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