I Am Amazed By The Rescued Puppy’s Reaction While At The Bathtub

July 2, 2017 VIDEOS


Just like my dog, getting most dogs into the bathtub is one of the hardest things to do. Though you may find some that are obsessed about it, it is almost impossible to convince others about it. Most likely, they will end up liking it if you introduced them to the whole process while young like the little newborn you are about to watch in this video.

This 2-weeks old puppy and his two sisters were found in a dumpster where they had been abandoned and were on the verge of death when they were rescued. You now discover why he is full of happiness when you watch this. There is no moment he has lots of enjoyment like when he is at the bathtub. This is evident from the manner in which he enjoys the warm water. You may think it’s one of the ways of enjoying the second chance he had been given to live. I hope he and his sisters enjoy this kind of love forever!

The rescue mission was carried out by Dallas Animal Service and after that a volunteer by the name Claire Fowler (who works at DFW Rescue Me animal shelter) was given the responsibility of taking care of them once they were referred to her place of work.

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